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Electioneering is a high-stakes game. We, at, believe that it’s time for that game to become a spectator sport. is a real-time election leaflet project. Our ambition is to create a live visualization of the flood of party political leaflets as they are delivered across the country during an election campaign. If you have recently received any election leaflets through your door you can help by photographing or scanning them and uploading the images to our website.

This website has been put together by a crash team of OpenAustralia Foundation's fine volunteers. Design, photography, coding and tea making by:

  • Andrea Lau
  • Henare Degan
  • Jack Zhao
  • Katherine Szuminska
  • Lisa Cross
  • Matt Joyce
  • Matthew Landauer
  • Teresa Leung
  • Tim 'mithro' Ansell
  • Malcolm Blaney
  • Keith Moss
  • Nathan Jenkins has been adapted from the UK's built by the very amazing:

  • Julian Todd
  • Richard Pope
  • Francis Irving

Our version of the code has been deposited for your viewing and repurposing pleasure at

The charity OpenAustralia Foundation is also behind, which makes it easy for you to keep tabs on your representatives in the Australian Parliament and that turns you into a compulsive curtain twitcher by letting you know what's going on in your neighbourhood.

If you love what we do consider donating to the OpenAustralia Foundation.


How do I upload an election leaflet
You need to upload a photograph of the leaflet in JPG format, then enter a few details about the leaflet.
I'm a party activist, can I upload a leaflet?
Yes. Just upload a photos of your leaflet and enter one of the post codes it is aimed at when prompted.
Who can reuse the images
By uploading an image to you are allowing free reuse of the image. For this site to make an impact on the way electioneering is conducted it's important that the dodgy ones get as wide an audience as possible, and this helps it happen. If you would like to make sure that proper attribution for a particular image please let us know.
Is this project affiliated to or supported by any political party
Can I reuse the images on my website or blog?
Yes, and please make a copy of the image on your site and link back to us.
What do you mean by a leaflet? Does a letter count?
Any kind of written communication - letters, leaflets, flyers - contain useful information. If in doubt, upload it anyway or get in touch with us.
Can I send you leaflets by post?
Yes. Please send them to:
Election Leaflets, The OpenAustralia Foundation, PO Box 147, Katoomba NSW 2780
and mark each leaflet with the postcode and electorate it was delivered to. Also, we have arranged with the National Library of Australia to forward all the leaflets we receive by post to be considered for inclusion in their election material archive.


You can get in touch with us via email, say hello on Twitter or phone Matthew on 0424 563 655.

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