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Vote 1 Jane Touzeau

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Published by Independent

Delivered in Brighton on Thursday, 23 October, 2014 (approximate), during the Victorian State Election 2014.

Uploaded on Wednesday, 21 January, 2015 at 11:40.


How to Vote Independent in Brighton
Legislative Assembly

A vote for Jane Touzeau is a vote for the future security of Victoria's food and water.

About Jane
Thank you for taking the time to inform yourself about the issue of fracking and its place in this Victorian election.

When I saw the film 'The Fractured Country' earlier this year, I was shocked to realise that the future of Victoria's water resource and agricultural land (our fresh food!) is at risk. I soon became aware that many others didn't know about it either. I felt I had to bring this to the community's attention.

Living in Elwood, Brighton and Hampton - the state seat of Brighton - is a privilege. It is beautiful, and people here are willing to put in extra effort to be here. I have lived in Elwood for 32 years, raised my family here, and have appreciated the local state education experience enhanced by involvement in pre-school music in Elwood and Hampton, creative dance at St Andrew's, Little Athletics and soccer at Dendy Park, and netball with Bayside in Thomas Street, I will work for funding for new buildings at Elwood College to enable the continuation of its great work in educating our young people.

In 2008 I was elected to represent Point Ormond Ward on the City of Port Phillip Council and re-elected in 2012. I am glad of the opportunity to put back into our community to the best of my ability. Really, we need to pinch ourselves to appreciate such good fortune to ours, and the future - to appreciate how to maintain the environment that underpins this good fortune.

If elected to the Parliament of Victoria I will bring all of my life experience to this role and remain level headed and committed to the public interest. I am humbly confident that I can make a contribution to the work of the Parliament in representing the Brighton electorate.



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